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February 25 2015

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Shifting to Cloud Call Centers

A lot of people wonder how shifting to the cloud should reduce your call drop rate, after all the same people still man the phones.

The answer lies behind understanding the principle behind automatic resource provisioning. This is a standard feature of cloud-based systems. So, how does it impact call center performance?

Let say, if a company has an on-site premise call center software, there will be a finite number representing the maximum number of calls per hour that the system can handle. Prior to first set up, it would have been planned to accommodate to the predictable traffic load and consent some slack for expansion.  This means that the system would be partially underutilized. Traffic increases with time. Under-utilization happens if capacity is greater than demand. It could host a potential loss of business if the traffic is greater than the capacity.

For some time a company want to upgrade capacity, you’ll eventually have excess capacity for some time and if it continues to grow again, you’ll find yourself short of capacity once again. This would not be that efficient and not a good way to run a business. 

When you use a cloud call center solutions, one of the basic premises is that getting capacity on demand beats fixed, forecasted capabilities.

We know how cloud call center systems work. As queues increase beyond a predetermined number, you can hire additional lines being made available to engage customers with the interactive voice response system that in many cases is adequate to resolve issues. As the queue shortens, the lines are surrendered back. In this scenario, capacity and demand have a much closer relationship. As demand rises, so does the capacity and there is a very small gap between the two. The result – queues are short, fewer customers leave. There is lesser unnecessary slack as well.


Voicent’s Call Center CRM

Now knowing how cloud call centers helps your business.  Why stop there? With the help of Voicent’s Call Center CRM you can provide a professional and credibility-enhancing contact experience for prospects and customers.  Not only that, Cloud Call Center CRM is also great for Helping organizations identify and better understand customer needs by keeping track of customer interactions and displaying them right at the point of future contact.   It also helps in designing and managing various marketing and sales campaigns by saving calls status and customer choices (such as opt-out) automatically. 

With this tool, automatically sharing customer contact information among different agents of an organization, increasing organizational intelligence and efficiency would definitely serve customer at best!

Moreover, with Voicent Live – a hosted service that includes a variety of tools such as a fully featured CRM along with VoIP cloud-based auto dialer and predictive dialer tools, you can effortlessly connects and automates your communication tools, sales & marketing campaigns, customer service and business processes in one stunningly simple cloud service.

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